Thursday, June 27, 2013

Electric Blue !

Hello my dear fashioners

Yes.. I know .. You are right .. I'm so so bad for not being active here !
Don't hate me , but you know that crazy stage of your life where you have millions things happening, to the point where you can't even enjoy being silly and pretend that you know all the fashion secrets ;p , Ok I feel that all of you is saying now: oh finally you know yourself ! Yes I know and you are enjoying it right ;p
okkii mee stop putting the ;p its not funny at all.. sorry guys this is me talking to me, well enough from me and let's talk fashion.

Sooooo..... What's your fav color ??
mine is Purple! but sometimes I hate wearing purple so I don't know depends on what I choose purple to be my fav color :) .. Never mind !

If your Fav color is Blue , you well love this post! if blue was not your fav , well honey I'm sorry you will keep reading this and you better love my post or I'm gonna sue you ! I think I forgot to take my medicine , again Never mind because Me is being so aggressive ;p

This season , for summer 2013 .. Blue is controlling the catwalks , where you feel that fashion world is swimming in the sea and flying in the sky .. the new thing this season is not about wearing only one blue thing in your outfit , but it is about combining all level of the blue color in a one outfit and this calls: Electric Blue !

How exciting ?? It's like diving into the deep ocean .. or flying very high in the sky ;) ..
Are you ready for diving and flying ?? Let's get started :

What do you think?
Wear something Blue and fly away ;)