Thursday, June 27, 2013

Electric Blue !

Hello my dear fashioners

Yes.. I know .. You are right .. I'm so so bad for not being active here !
Don't hate me , but you know that crazy stage of your life where you have millions things happening, to the point where you can't even enjoy being silly and pretend that you know all the fashion secrets ;p , Ok I feel that all of you is saying now: oh finally you know yourself ! Yes I know and you are enjoying it right ;p
okkii mee stop putting the ;p its not funny at all.. sorry guys this is me talking to me, well enough from me and let's talk fashion.

Sooooo..... What's your fav color ??
mine is Purple! but sometimes I hate wearing purple so I don't know depends on what I choose purple to be my fav color :) .. Never mind !

If your Fav color is Blue , you well love this post! if blue was not your fav , well honey I'm sorry you will keep reading this and you better love my post or I'm gonna sue you ! I think I forgot to take my medicine , again Never mind because Me is being so aggressive ;p

This season , for summer 2013 .. Blue is controlling the catwalks , where you feel that fashion world is swimming in the sea and flying in the sky .. the new thing this season is not about wearing only one blue thing in your outfit , but it is about combining all level of the blue color in a one outfit and this calls: Electric Blue !

How exciting ?? It's like diving into the deep ocean .. or flying very high in the sky ;) ..
Are you ready for diving and flying ?? Let's get started :

What do you think?
Wear something Blue and fly away ;)


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Morning Thoughts!

Good Morning Fashioners ...,

How is your morning so far?? Are you wearing a cute smile or not ;) well if ur still sleeping
and out of the smiling mood , just get ur fav morning coffee and u will be fine! But don't forget to bring me whiteMocha and write my name in the paper cup with a small heart ;p .. See ur smiling now and ur welcome!! Oh okk i think i'm getting so far@@ 

Soo this morning i wanna share with you a morning thought while i'm heading to the uni ! don't worry i don't text while driving .. i mean typing a post doesn't mean texting right ;p noo seriously i'm writing whenever i stop for the red light :)

I will just say my thoughts immediately because the red light won't be forever and i have to move ;p

I believe we all love fashion and we all wanna live a fashionable life where we have the most trendy items and the most beautiful and expensive stuff in the fashion world .. This is not a problem at all ..
What makes me sad are those people who are very shallow in fashion , and by saying shallow in fashion , i don't mean their style or the way they dress , but the way they apply fashion to their personality ..
Those people who think if you don't have a trendy bag or you don't wear a sexy shoe , you are nothing !!!!!!

 Well what is the point of wearing something beautiful while your personality is soooo ugly !!! .. Okii yes i can't deny the importance of fashion and the amazing style , but that doesn't mean you are allowed to hate people because they don't have what you have from fashion world , being fashionable should be from the inside before the outside .. Holding a prada new bag without a beautiful personality will make the bag more valuable than you.. and this is the most ugliest thing that could ever happen .. !

Don't let your stuff more beautiful than you.. Let people see the bag or the shoes nothing without your beautiful personality! It is not the items that make who you are ,, its you who explain who you are !
Love people even if they don't wear what you wear .. Or what you like to wear ,, let your personality be your brand .. And everyone will love you! 

believe in yourself more than believing in fashion...

Take care and enjoy your day =)


Friday, March 1, 2013

Oscar = Dresses !!

Heeey my beautiful fashioners ...

 How's everything is going on ... Well I won't ask you about your fashion life today because itzz finally the weekend and you know my weekend rule : being ugly and enjooy it in that comfyy PJ's
although being ugly is allowed but this doesn't mean that you can skip the fashion gossips outa of your weekend , therefor you have ME to tell you all the good fashionable gossips !! and your Welcome ;p

I'm very excited about this post , because I'm gonna tell you about the Oscars !! well not the Oscar itself  but the dresses that were walking on the Red Carpet !! the funny thing here that while I'm writing the post now it gives me the feeling that I'm walking on the red carpet facing all the camera's flash from the paparazzi and everyone is screaming by my name: 5o5a 5o5a we love you !! oh okk sorry I think your about to close my blogg now sorry I will stop it :(
I guess you all watched the event and yes I know that Jennifer Lawrence fell down because whenever I ask someone about the Oscar , their answer starts with: Oh yes I saw Jennifer Lawrence when she fell down !!! well okk I think this year we should change the name *Oscar* to *Jennifer Lawrence falling*

Back to the Red Carpet .. this year I noticed that the majority went with rihanna song: shine bright like a diamond ;p because there were lots of shiny dresses that I really liked ! well you know how much I love rihanna's song so the shiny dresses will be on the top of my Fav:

Naomi Watts wearing an Armani Prive dress

                                                          Adele in a Jenny Packham dress

                                                   Catherine Zeta-Jones wearing a Zuhair Murad gown

                                                                      Halle Berry
                                                              Stacy Keibler
                                                               Nicole Kidman

Bright Dresses also took a big place on the Red Carpet .. these dresses were all part of the spring sphere on the Red Carpet:

                                                    Jane Fonda, wearing a yellow Versace gown
                                             Charlize Theron in a white Dior Haute Couture column gown

                                                    Amanda Seyfried in Alexander McQueen gown

                                                             Zooey Deschanel
                                            Zoe Saldanawearing a belted Alexis Mabille gown

                                                           Amy Adams

Personally I don't like Red colors on the red carpet , its like : Oh I'm gonna walk on the Red Carpet , so Red dress will be the one !!! I know it sounds stupid but that's why I have a blogg right ? to write stupid things and you read and like ;p
soo Stupid red dresses on the Red Carpet were like this:

                                                  Jennifer Aniston in her red Valentino gown

                                                                  Bryan Cranston
                                             Nominee Sally wearing a pleated red Valentino gown

                                          Olivia Munn wears a red and gold Marchesa gown

The Oscar was wearing oh sorry I mean Jennifer Lawrence was wearing a Dior grown that took all people eyes , she was very Oscarable !! :

Attention please: if you are Under 18 , please don't see the following because you will not sleep at night !!
Something I don't know what was also on the Red Carpet wearing Vivienne Westwood:

Finally .. The part I love the moooost !!
I'm honoured to announce that according to , The Oscar for the best Dress/Look goes toooooooooooo:

Jessica Chastain !!!
Wearing a stunning goldyy Armani Prive beaded dress that was really amazing !!!
the dress looked amaze with her skin and hair color, I think she made all together in such a magical way on the Red Carpet , Simple and glamour !!

and The Oscar for the Worst Dress/Look goes to: audrey hepburn !!
Yes ppl I'm talking about the ugly version from oudry hepburn: ANNE HATHAWAY !!!
I really Used to love her style , but now I don't know why she's trying to be audry in the wrong way !!
I think the role she played in les misérables made her very miserablness

Anne in her Prada dress : 

What about you fashioner ?? for whom you would give the Oscar for the best/worst dress !! and sorry for telling you that I'm not included on the list for the best in everything ;p



Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Horror Meets Fashion !

Hello my beloved readers !!

How's your life , is it full of new 2013 trendy fashion gossips or you're still in 2012 ;p
well wherever you are .. you are welcomed HERE !

 First , Yes .. I'm guilty for not posting since long time .. I missed your fashionable comments on my BBM and twitter , but I was really bzy enjoying my holiday and because the uni already started , you will read lots of fashion gossips , you know me right !! it's my way of escaping from my educational boring reality and if you are living the same situation just come here and enjoy your life with my fashionable words ;p ..

Soooooo .. Are you a Horror fans !! oh no I'm not talking about you when you wake up ;p , I'm talking about a Horror Glam couture where fashion meets Horror and they come out with an awesome Horror glam trends ! I know it sounds weird but I'm sure you gonna love it so don't be scared !

This season Soring/Fall 2013 , fashion world had allowed Horror style to be part of fashion , especially in NYFW 2013 there was a whole fashion show on Horror glam couture under the name of David and Phillipe , these designers introduced their Horror glam in a scary way but without losing the sense of fashion .. although I'm not sure about the idea but it was something interesting in fashion world !

Horror glam does not mean you can wear the scary movie face with your dress @@ but it means you can take the knife from your kitchen and use it as your earring or bracelet ;p
no seriously it means that the scary looks are allowed to be used in fashionable way ! although I believe that nothing that deals with Horror can be part of fashion because the trend itself is scary !!!

let me show you the Horror Glam Couture that happened in NYFW 2013 :

Are you scared now ???
well I gave an idea on how to kill someone you don't like in a fashionable way ;p
P.S : don't be a criminal .. be a fashioner ;)