Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Horror Meets Fashion !

Hello my beloved readers !!

How's your life , is it full of new 2013 trendy fashion gossips or you're still in 2012 ;p
well wherever you are .. you are welcomed HERE !

 First , Yes .. I'm guilty for not posting since long time .. I missed your fashionable comments on my BBM and twitter , but I was really bzy enjoying my holiday and because the uni already started , you will read lots of fashion gossips , you know me right !! it's my way of escaping from my educational boring reality and if you are living the same situation just come here and enjoy your life with my fashionable words ;p ..

Soooooo .. Are you a Horror fans !! oh no I'm not talking about you when you wake up ;p , I'm talking about a Horror Glam couture where fashion meets Horror and they come out with an awesome Horror glam trends ! I know it sounds weird but I'm sure you gonna love it so don't be scared !

This season Soring/Fall 2013 , fashion world had allowed Horror style to be part of fashion , especially in NYFW 2013 there was a whole fashion show on Horror glam couture under the name of David and Phillipe , these designers introduced their Horror glam in a scary way but without losing the sense of fashion .. although I'm not sure about the idea but it was something interesting in fashion world !

Horror glam does not mean you can wear the scary movie face with your dress @@ but it means you can take the knife from your kitchen and use it as your earring or bracelet ;p
no seriously it means that the scary looks are allowed to be used in fashionable way ! although I believe that nothing that deals with Horror can be part of fashion because the trend itself is scary !!!

let me show you the Horror Glam Couture that happened in NYFW 2013 :

Are you scared now ???
well I gave an idea on how to kill someone you don't like in a fashionable way ;p
P.S : don't be a criminal .. be a fashioner ;)