Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Morning Thoughts!

Good Morning Fashioners ...,

How is your morning so far?? Are you wearing a cute smile or not ;) well if ur still sleeping
and out of the smiling mood , just get ur fav morning coffee and u will be fine! But don't forget to bring me whiteMocha and write my name in the paper cup with a small heart ;p .. See ur smiling now and ur welcome!! Oh okk i think i'm getting so far@@ 

Soo this morning i wanna share with you a morning thought while i'm heading to the uni ! don't worry i don't text while driving .. i mean typing a post doesn't mean texting right ;p noo seriously i'm writing whenever i stop for the red light :)

I will just say my thoughts immediately because the red light won't be forever and i have to move ;p

I believe we all love fashion and we all wanna live a fashionable life where we have the most trendy items and the most beautiful and expensive stuff in the fashion world .. This is not a problem at all ..
What makes me sad are those people who are very shallow in fashion , and by saying shallow in fashion , i don't mean their style or the way they dress , but the way they apply fashion to their personality ..
Those people who think if you don't have a trendy bag or you don't wear a sexy shoe , you are nothing !!!!!!

 Well what is the point of wearing something beautiful while your personality is soooo ugly !!! .. Okii yes i can't deny the importance of fashion and the amazing style , but that doesn't mean you are allowed to hate people because they don't have what you have from fashion world , being fashionable should be from the inside before the outside .. Holding a prada new bag without a beautiful personality will make the bag more valuable than you.. and this is the most ugliest thing that could ever happen .. !

Don't let your stuff more beautiful than you.. Let people see the bag or the shoes nothing without your beautiful personality! It is not the items that make who you are ,, its you who explain who you are !
Love people even if they don't wear what you wear .. Or what you like to wear ,, let your personality be your brand .. And everyone will love you! 

believe in yourself more than believing in fashion...

Take care and enjoy your day =)