Saturday, December 15, 2012

Time To Sparkle !

Hello my Shiny fashioners ..

  Today's Story: I have an exam tomorrow but I thought it is NOT healthy for me to study in thisbeautiful weather & that's why you are lucky now because your reading my post ;p 

Sooo .. let's talk music ! I knw i never talked about music before , but I'm being soooooo verrry much obsessed with Rihanna New Song *Shine Bright Like A Diamond*
the lyrics are really capture the heart ! ilove the part when she says:

We Are Beautiful Like Diamonds In The Sky<33333

now , the thing is not only about me having a good taste in music ;p music only is not enough here !! WE NEED FASHION ... !!!

listening to the song made think about fashion in a Diamondyyy and Sparklyy way ;) I'm sure you all gonna love it .. like can you imagine yourself wearing that Shiny dress where all the lights are coming out from your sexy dress .. who on earth won't love this kind of style ! if you were that person I'm sorry to tell you that you need a thereby dude :)

For this season , fashion gave us the green light to Sparkle ourselves from head to toe !!! I love the magic in the Shiny and Sparkle things , like even your casual look can turn into a gorgeeeo style by adding a Sparkly belt or wearing a silver Sparkly and shiny shoes !! Amazing right !! ...
I think it is the perfect time to sparkle .. although personally I don't have to wear something sparkly because I'm sparkle enough ;p but with all the new year celebrations and so on , we need that Sparkly dress ;)

Now .. just play rihanna's song and watch the Sparkly Trendy Style :


Did you feel the song now ;) ....
Sparkle ur style and be that Sparkly Chic !!!


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Weekend Looks !

Hello my fashionable fashioners ;)

 How is life and what did you wear today! here in Doha the weather became really amzaing , okii its not too cold for you to wear a huge heavy jacket , but you don't have to open the AC , although I'm a person who always opens the AC !! ithink even if I lived in the Eskimo , I will open the AC ;p
 .. uh I hate sometimes when I wanna talk about something spacefic in my mind , but coz I have a big mouth like one word can take me to another thing and yes I forgot what I was going to talk about!! no I'm serious :)

Okkii .. I'm sure all of you have planed to do something for the weekend , and because m plan is to do nothing & just enjoy being lazy , I thought it would be fun to create some looks for those who don't know what to wear for any special event or for a fmaily-friends gathering in this amaaze weather , and if you think there is no point of me doing this , then you got my point doll ;p ..

                                                                  Look #1 :

                                                                Look #2:

                                                                      Look #3:

                                                                      Look #4:

 What do you think !! what is your fav look .. !
Try making one of these looks , then send your pic to me ;p

Enjooy your weekend , be with your special ppl & keep smiling ....


Saturday, November 17, 2012

Fashion & Politics !

Saturday Evening everyone ...

 How's your weekend guys , are enjoying your time til the last weekend breath ;) ~ I'm trying to ignore that I have exam tomorrow !!! like who can study in the weekends !!! duh .. I have a social life over here and the last thing I wanna do is studying .. so because of my commitment to the weekend I decided to gossip here rather than wasting my time on things I will not understand even if I studied .. *Cool*

Now .. don't laugh on me , but since I'm an International Affairs Student , I was thinking about how interesting it would be if I link fashion with politics !!! coz for me I think it is really fun when you put something very very very very boring which is *Politics* with something very very very very interesting which is *Fashion* what do you think .. maybe it sounds boring for you , just bear with me and I'm sure you gonna love it !

How Politics can be part of Fashion !!!
first don't get me wrong because I'm not a terrorist and I'm not trying to create war over here ;p
non of us likes the idea of war and military operations .. but talking about Politics in a fashionable way can take the joy of fashion into Politics ... How ??
you are welcome to know that one of the most amaze trends for Fall/Winter 2012-2013 is the:
 Military Style !!!!
wait wait .. before you start to imagine the style , put away the military jeans style that we used to wear it in the 90th .. because although this trend is not a new deal in fashion world , but when fashion brings a trend again this means coming back with lots of new things and new fashionable surprise in a military style!



Sooo Warm and simple !!!
Just take your dark green jacket and fight in style ;p


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Moon Nails !

Hello My Fashioners ;)

 Before anything , guys don't worry I'm still alive !!
like come one didn't you miss me  ;p .. coz I really don't remember when it was the last time for posting , the problem that I'm having a very hard time because of my exams and all the collage horrible things , but when it comes to the thing I LOVE .. I try my best and I have to say that I'm really blessed for having you guys as my best supporters for what I'm doing here, those who always talk to me about my posts are really giving me a very special feeling that the word *LOVE* can not explain it .. soo THANK YOU ALL !
I think I'm being very romantic now and I should stop it ;p

Now .. If you were that girl who is obsessed with Nail's colour and design , I'm sure you gonna love this gossip because I wanna tell you about a very trendy Nails style for this season , where you can see a half moon appearing on your Nails !!! I like the name of the trend .. *half moon* like when you see the moon is appearing with two colours *Blake & White * , so when it comes to your nail a circular moon shape of your nail is painted in a different colour from the rest of the nail
although I'm not a big fan of  french manicure , but I think the half moon style is super cool in a very unique way .. and what's funny is that the half moon style is like the french manicure but from the opposite side .. where you can paint your Nail with one colour and then mix it with another colour to paint the upper part of your nail , so imagine how many colour combinations you can use for this trendy style .. I think it's fun and soo creative in an easily way!

if you didn't get the style I'm talking about .. let me show some pictures to make it clear :

Moon it .. Nail it .. Trend it .. & You Are That Sexxy Chic ;)