Friday, August 17, 2012

Random Thoughts #Fav_ppl !

Morning  beautiful World ..

 Just wanna share with you kind of a sensitive thing that blow up in ma mind , well as you know most of us are having our Vacation now .. happy time I know , but for me I think its kind of a bittersweet situation where you have to say goodbye for ppl you used to chat with every day , ppl you never get rid of having them in yourlife and day , ppl we can talk with whenever we want , ppl you just love to see them all time, we talk to them and do crazy things .. I'm not trying to put you in a dramatic thoughts , but if you really think about it you will relies how lucky you are for having those kinds of ppl .. ma fav ppl are those who can I talk with, even if we don't have a serious thing to chat about , we just talk and talk and talk til we say .. GN !

There is a time when you see things differently, this explains what is happening to me ! because I'm travelling after hours , so being off from ma fav ppl is't really such a good idea! its like going to have fun but in the same time leave all the fun HERE !....... although distance can be good sometimes , but all the missing feelings make it hard !!...

Think about your fav ppl .. be with them .. love them and treat them well .. because oneday you gonna miss them!


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Up Side Down !!

Hey guys..

What are you planning to wear today !

Fashion dolls, I have an Up side Down Trendy news !

NoOne knows what fashion can bring ! for one season its trendy to wear or hold something and for another Season that something might be a fashion victim ,, if you go anywhere you won't find any rules that can be changed , except in FASHION .. we CAN always change rules in a very classy and modern way but sometimes in a *Are you serious* way !

Do you remember when we used to wear skirts over pants ! it was known as the 90's style , I definitely wore it but absolutely don't want to wear it again ! the problem is you never know when it comes to FASHION ..things always change!  now a serious question to ask :

Do you wear skirts over your dresses ????

Big question mark on your face now right? , no blaming because it seems puzzling but dolls you can put your skirts over your dresses this Season! do know those days when you wanna wear your funky skirt , in the same time you wanna wear your classy dress , and you ended by choosing one of them only ! This situation is no more a problem !!!
just wear your dress first then put over your skirt and you're ready to go.

It is a new styling techniques , this what makes FASHION fun all time ! because its always about wearing things you never thought about.. but for me , I didn't like the skirts over dresses thing  , although its not an awful trend IF AND ONLY IF YOU WEAR IT IN THE RIGHT WAY , but I prefer saving ma skirt for another day and gonna wear ma dress all alone !!

Will leave you with some pictures:

*Blake lively -

*Karolina Kurkova:

*Diane Kruger

So what are your thoughts? is it a fashionable new way to mix!

Are we going to have skirt over dress over pants next !!.. be careful fashion dolls ;)


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Random Morning Thoughts!

Morning Everyone ...

 The time here now is 5:08 AM , although we begun a new day , but for me its not an official morning yet because call me *Weirdo* but I believe its morning when the sun comes up to the sky and I woke up from sleeping , my situation now is totally the opposite ! I'm staying late til this time although I'm very sleepy, maybe I wanna feel what some ppl feel when they stay up all night and go 2 bed in the morning !

For me ... Sleeping in the morning is really wasting the morning out ! Yes ,, I'm so Into MORNING ..
I love waking up in the morning even @6 AM ONLY and ONLY IF I DON'T HAVE CLASSES!
I do love sleeping , but not as much as I do enjoy my morning coffee with a very mornymood for reading my fav book , and yes guys I imagine myself in a movie or making a morning videoClip ;p

I'm sure some of you hate me now but remember : " Morning People Happier Than Night Owls " LOOL ..

Enjoy being Happy Owls ;p .. I'm going to bed now
don't forget to make your bed in a very comfortable fashionable mood to sleep ;)


Friday, August 10, 2012

Colors !

Happy Friday everyone

How is your Friday so far ! ..for me its not my favorite Friday because 2mrw I have exam and I'm sure you all know what does it mean , but taking a break from studying is a good idea especially when my break is about enjoying my time with you guys by posting !

well ... Summer season has already begun , and WHO DOES NOT LOVE SUMMER !
can you imagine the weather here in the middle east can be reached to 50 , believe me just go outside for less than 1 hour and you will get the perfect tan ever , see! we don't have to bother ourself with tanning oils or cream because we get it naturally .. Okii I went to far! be careful outHere don't get burned ;p

What I love the most about Summer is Colors !! Yes.. its fun how we can wear flashy colors that make ppl say " OH,, my eyes " because its tooooo flashy! imagine a flashy green T-shirt or a yellow Shoes or even a pinky sunglasses and so on ! its really fun how we can dress up like a tray colors ! loool

So being colorful in summer does not mean you can not be trendy in the same time ! summer fashion is all about colors, for me I enjoy fashion more when its all about showing colors up and down but in a cute way !

If you're wondering now what can put you in the top of summer fashion , let me tell you about the most summer fashion trends that will refresh your summer style and make you feel that you are drinking a cold raspberry and mint Mojito ;) *I need some*

Enjoy wearing all of these in Summer:

*Floral Jeans Trend:

Left: Amanda Seyfried-Right: Lieghton meester *I like both of them*

you can also enjoy wearing Colored Jeans:

*Neon Colors Trend:
                                                   Neon Yellow-Greeny Skirt:

*Maxi Dress Trend:
                                          The One&Only Blake lively in Gray Maxi Dress:

*Printed Dress Trend:

Colorful Blazer Trend:
The gorgeous K.K *Yes I'm a big fan*
Dip Dye Hair Trend:

*Statement Necklace Trend:
                                           Blake lively wearing a beautiful S.N:

fun outfits for Summer !

Get the SummerLook by Adding to your look all of these summer trendy style and enjoy Ur Summer !! don't be afraid dolls and bring out all your sense or fashion , Mix and match .. and rock it out ;)


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hard Shape !

Hello guys..

 Hoping u are fine to enjoy ur day ;)

Being a woman means you can't imagine your life without your bag, we are so linked together!  you never see a woman without her bag unless she is walking with a very very rare gentleman who holds her bag ;p well to be honest I saw sometimes these kinds of couples where the man holds his girl's bag , OK cute thing but I don't prefer it ! however this is not the issue now,

bags can say a lot about your style and even your persona because its gives you the final look of your outfit , although lots of ppl say any bag can do the job , I totally disagree ! there are lots of time where I changed what I'm wearing because it does not match with the bag I wanna hold ! maybe its not for all of us but this is the way how it works with me :)

 The reason why I'm talking about bags , I don't know if you noticed recently how bags became in a new shape , I mean how hard it's become, the shape of the bag , like it is kind of a strong heavy shape,  these kinds of bags are inspired by the old vintage luggage looks by different brands and its very trendy for 
Fall-Winter 2012/2013

Now enough Talking , let's see some gorgeous bags *HardBags*:

 Louis Vuitton F/W ’12

These bags were inspired by the old vintage luggage looks:

Hermes was another brand that brought out the new hard style for bags, its not as Louis Vuitton's way but in general they highlighted on the same trendy shape:

Hermes Fall-Winter 2012/2013

also one of the Hard bags style , you will be seeing is the " Hermes Drag Up"  back to 1964 model that’s making a comeback after 48 years! wow interesting .. and it is said that it was inspired by an English horse-drawn coach but please can anyone tell me what is the relation between the bag and a horse-drawn coach !!

Hard bags shape are becoming trendy in fashion's world , be ready dolls no more lightweight bags ! 
the New Vintage will take place everywhere in a heavyweight...


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fashion icon!

Hello everyone ..

If you knew me , for sure u'll  know that I'm a huge fan of " Blake lively " ,, if she is not familiar to you , she is "  Serena Ven der Woodsen "  from gossip girl ! the popular show that took every girl's heart .. uhh does it make you wanna cry  when your watching GG because all of the clothes , shoes , bags and even the decorations!  

For me , my favorite character from GG is Serena or blake lively in reality , designers likes her , you can see Blake in every fashion event , she was the face of Chanel's bags and recently she became the face of Gucci's new fragrance !

Blake lively Ads for Chanel bags!

Who can forget the amazing White Chanel dress that Blake lively wore in "The Green Lanteren Premiere"

 *Blake lively in Gucci's New Fragrance Camping*

 The most interesting thing that she is Christian louboutin's favorite girl , come one guys believe me , the master of red soles designed a special shoe named " Blake " and it was inspired by blake lively and just for her! can you imagine how many pairs of CL's shoes does she have? oh yah Iknw ur feeling ;p well I think all of these evidences are enough to say that blake lively is really a fashion icon !

*The Blake shoe by CL*

ppl in Hollywood says that blake lively is the new Sara jessica Parker , well I agree but not to much, although  NoOne knows how to hits the Red Carpet Prettier than Blake and Sarah but I think the different about blake lively is when you see her you think that she took from her closet anything she want without putting someone to dress her up ! for me this what makes her different from any other star , she is really Amazing!

*Left: Blake lively - Right: Sarah Jessica Parker*

What do think ? tell me who is your fashion icon star :)


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Hey guys!

Hey guys.. 

I hope you are enjoying your time and day ....

 I was thinking about what should I write in my first blog post , then I ended by writing whatever stands up in mind , as you can see I'm new here and I just joined blogs world, so forgive me for anything you see and 
say: " Seriously "!!!  I need your patience ;p , yes I'm not that pro in making these kinds of things especially that technology does not like me much because during my life I always see us as an enemies :)

well .. blogs always took my attention and if I was on the net , probably I will be reading other ppl blogs and especially those who includes everything about fashion ! who does not like fashion !! we all do but in different ways.. having my own blog was always in my mind but in the same time I did not know what is the perfect time to start , you know that feeling when you want to do something but for no reason you do not ? I know its kind of silly weirdness -__- and writing the first blog post makes it more weird ;p but as we hear ppl always  say ( better late than never ) !

blogging about my interest will be all around #fashion #food #books #travelling ! so if you are ready to be hungry , to spend your money out , to read more and to dream of being somewhere else .....then you are welcome here ;p