Saturday, January 26, 2013

S Or B !

Hiii guys ..

Happy Saturday ..

As you can read from the title , I'm sure you know what I mean by S & B !! because there is nothing in this world  that matters when S is refers to Serena & B is refers to Blair !! Yes ppl I'm talking about your fav show , the show that took millions of hearts ... the one*Only: Gossip Girl.

The reason behind ma post about S&B , is not to talk about what  happened in the final episode or why did it happen , because I'm sure all of you know better than me when it comes to what happened , I'm surrounded by the biggest fan of GG , so some of them asked me to talk about the wedding dress for Serena&Blair , just give me the fashion talk and take the rest ;p..
Me and you gonna decide who wore the prettiest wedding dress ? Serena Or Blair ? I can feel the tension from now between Serena's fan Vs Blair fan !! KEEP IN MIND: SERENA IS MY FASHION ICON , so I guess you know my choice from now! no seriously I'm gonna be honest but with a little lies against Blair ;p

Sooooo here we Start ...
First I should be honest and say both of them were really gorgeous , which is not a new thing at all , no one can do it like Serena and Blair , and what I like about them the most , that both of them always wear what reflect their personalities ! which is the fashionable thing you can do in fashion !!

Now: the big Question about the wedding dress .... Serena Or Blair ??

I will start by Blair .. what I love about her style that she always wears something that makes say: WOW ! like who would ever think to wear a baby blue wedding dress and I'm not saying it in a bad way because it was a new thing to add for wedding dresses .. although it is a big change in bride's dresses but I would say yes for the dress if she's NOT the bride ! the dress was designed by Elie Saab , her accessories was an earring by Sequin and a headband by Enchanted Atelier, and I should admit that it was a perfect sexy look but not for a bride !! Sorry Blair ;p oh and I'm sure Reemah hates me now for saying No to Blair's dress , she's ma czn and we all call her *Blair* because she's such a Blair person/style , LY Reemah ;p

The real fashion talk now is Serena .. Serena .. Serena !!!!
I'm sure your saying now that my opinion is a * Typical one from Serena's fan* but come on fashioners did you see that goldyyy dress !!!! was such a statement dress ,  designed by Chakra couture , I didn't know about Chakra couture til I saw Serena's dress , they have lots of beautiful designs that are very unique and elegant..
I believe the gold and white dress was the perfect look for a sexy stylish bride especially with the natural messy hair and the simple make up !!!  well  I would not expect less than that from the one&only Serena Van der Woodsen.
Sooo Biggggg fashionable YES to Serena .. !!!

The only mistake that Serena did= marrying Dan :( coz I  Love Serenate *Heart*

Whose wedding dress do you like better ?

Serena Or Blair ??
oh I can hear you saying Serena ;p

You Know You Love Fashion ;)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Denim Trend !

Heyy Fashioners ...

 How's your fashion life is going on !! mine is full of PJ's and lousy shirts with an ugly pants ;p well don't blame me but you know that mood when you are in a vacation and all what you wanna do is wearing the  comfyy shirt you have , even if it was an ugly one coz your mood is all about that comfyy sofa with all your fav food ,  watching boring movies but enjoying it ?? Yes I'm in that mood & you are Welcome to join ;p  *Cool*

soo while I'm being ugly and watching all kinds of programs .. I noticed the Denim trend in old-new movies I was wondering how fab is this trend to be always on fashion stage since the day it was designed til the day we speak now or til the day I write now ;p I knw I lknw not funny -_-

I'm sure some of you is wondering now what *Denim* means !!
 after reading the meaning you will be saying: Oh yeah that thing !!
you know why ??

because *Denim* = Jeans shirt - Pants - or anything made by jeans !!
seeeeeeeeee told yoouuu !! its very popular but the name is not that much I guess ..

For this Spring-Fall 2013 , Designers made lots of wonderful choices to rock it with Denim , although personally I'm not into the Denim trend very much , but what I like about Denim that one piece of Denim can give you a sexy look,edgy or even elegant by choosing the right accessories to wear it with , depending on the event , so you don't have to buy all kinds of Denims , just buy one piece and wear it for different event  by creating different style & save your money to buy for me a WhiteMocha from Starbucks ;p

Sooo what would be the denim trend for 2013? Gonna leave you now with some trendy styles:

Karl Lagerfeld  Resort 2013 collection for Chanel:

Tommy Hilfiger:

Just Cavalli:


Street Style:

Denim Style by Me:

What do you think dolls ??
Did you like the Blue Denim Style .. !!

Create your own Denim Style and be That Denimious Chic ;)


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New-Year !

Heey ma beautiful fashioners !


 You know when they say : New Year = New beginnings .. Like it has to be something new and fresh around the New Year and by something fresh I mean a frish orange juice maybe ;p because I don't understand how New Year means a new beginnings .. coz I didn't wake up today finding myself in the jungle and my best friends are the monkeys !!!! well don't call it a new beginning then ;p .. but don't worry I'm not killing the positive Energy for 2013 because there was the NewYearGifts part soooooo for me:

New Year = New Gifts !!!! ;)

Who cares about what do you wanna change in your personality for 2013 ?????
All what you need is a brand new shoes and a sexy dress to rock 2013 !! Woooohooo ;p

I spent my New Year Eve with the people I love the most, we really enjoyed, it was such an amazing crazy starting for 2013, we danced alot and did crazy things ;)
wanna tell you about something cute we always do , me & my sisters *Seso&Mone* .. We have something called *Sister's Tradition* which is a very cute thing where we exchange gifts .. the funny thing about it, that every year each one of us tries to bring something new ,  but then we all ended by seeing shoe boxes every year ! LOOL you know shoes are a girl's best friend!..This year I got a really touchable gifts from ma sisters and YES I'm the one who brought shoes for them , but you should give me an extra credit coz I brought rings also ;p
What did you do in the New Year Eve ! if you was not able to celebrate yesterday, don't worry I can give you a long list of what I want and you can go and enjoy buying for me some of them ;p

There is a beautiful quote I wanna share it with you :
" No one can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending "
Do you want a new ending this year ?? .. Just go over it and enjoy your life !
I know it is not an easy thing to do .. but you more worth than putting yourself in a situation that makes you sad .. and if you want a True LOVE & Happiness in 2013, I will tell you where go can find it:

Just go to your Fav shop and buy the shoes you have always dreamed of + enjoy eating your Fav Chocolate !! sounds a True LOVE & Happiness for me , you should try it ;p

Finally .. Wish you all a wardrobe full of your fav items from your fav shops ;p
Enjooy your time and day with ppl who care about you , and Turn On your Positive Energy !
Smile and love the way you are because you are beautiful ..

Believe in yourself and make 2013 a Special year ..