Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fashion illustrations!

Heeey fashioners

   I know it is very late to post, but do you love the moment when you are super excited because tomorrow is Thursday and that means one thing: WEEKEND babyyyyyy !!! uh I neeeed it so bad , all I want for this weekend is to wear the ugliest comfort Pj's , sitting down to watch TV surrounding by all kinds of fats ... yes guys I'm that kind of person ;p

Now.. what about some fashion before sleeping ..sounds fun ;)
Sooooo .. let's talk fashion!

Are you into drawing and painting .. using up ur pencil and paper then starting your imagination! I'm sure your wondering now what is the point of my question .. well tonight I'm speaking fashion in away that is far from buying a trendy heels or holding Gorgee bags..coz I'm talking about FASHION ILLUSTRATIONS!
maybe you don't care about illustrations ! but believe me I'm not talking about Finding Nemo illustration or any other cartoons, coz when it comes to fashion it means Different! seeing the illustrations will explain why its different , but let me tell you first about one of the most creative girl in fashion illustrations world ,  *Hayden Williams* .. they say she's the big next thing in fashion and I don't blame them because the girl is really talented and she can express her fashion sense in a very creative way!

so I wanna share with you some of her fashion illustrations.. just to entertain you before you go to sleep and I'm doing it in a fashionable way ... I knw I knw your welcome ;p

Did you get what I meant by saying different ! I hope you enjoyed it and now you can sleep well .. good night and fashion sweet dreams everyone ;)


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