Friday, October 19, 2012

Play Fashion !

Happy Friday Guys

  As Usual I'm Only free to post in weekends , I'm sure you don't wanna read anything about how much I become a drama queen when it comes to my  classes schedule, so don't worry coz I'm skipping this part for today... only for today ha ;p

sooooo .. How is ur weekend so far ! I heard that *Paranormal Activity* is showing now here in Doha , although I'm the chicken-est person on earth , but I can't resist this movie , I saw all the parts and 2night I'm ready for part 4 *Devil* .. verrry excited .. if you are from Doha : call a friend or anybody u like and  go watch it ;) and if you are from somewhere else just go and enjoy another movie.. see I'm a very good girl who puts plans for your Friday night out ;p

Now .. I wanna share with you guys about a very interesting game where you can play fashion ! I'm sure all of you my fashioners will be the perfect players ;)
let me tell something first , do get this feeling when you get bored from any items in you closet , maybe a bag u feel its very 2001 or seeing a shoes and saying: what I was thinking when I bought it.. Finally you ended by throwing it .. well .. DON'T !!!!
the game I wanna tell you about depends on these items that you don't like it any more or you feel its very boring to wear .. let me tell you how I decided to play this game :)

I have a black shoes that I don't wear it any more .. I felt its very useless and I don't like it now , so I thought what if I play with this shoes in a fashionable way !!! like I won't lose anything so I just wanna try .. and there is also another shoes that I never wear .. it is a Wedges style and whenever I wanna wear it , I feel there is something missing.. so I decided to play with the wedges also! I never try creating something to wear .. and when I saw these two shoes I said Okii girl its the time to re-create something by your own style !!!! woohoo ;)

If you're wondering How and What !! I will show you now~

I bought a small stylish things to put on the shoes , and here you can use your sense of fashion for buying whatever u wanna add for the style of the item you wanna re-create .. just go to the right place where you can find fashionable things .. so as I told u I wanna re-create two shoes coz of this I felt its gonna be very gorgee if I put a small little things on the shoes .. I bought some silver spikes and I found also a blue circle thing I really liked:

Then .. I bought a strong glue .. to plastered them on the shoes!
I recommend you of this glue *mine is finished so I took a pic from google*:

The blue Wedges before starting:


The black shoes:

What do you think fashioners ???

 Okiii I know its not a pro thing , and you will never buy it if you saw it anywhere ;p
  but at least I had fun by doing it .. and this is the main point of the game .. just try and have fun ;)


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