Friday, October 19, 2012

Play Fashion !

Happy Friday Guys

  As Usual I'm Only free to post in weekends , I'm sure you don't wanna read anything about how much I become a drama queen when it comes to my  classes schedule, so don't worry coz I'm skipping this part for today... only for today ha ;p

sooooo .. How is ur weekend so far ! I heard that *Paranormal Activity* is showing now here in Doha , although I'm the chicken-est person on earth , but I can't resist this movie , I saw all the parts and 2night I'm ready for part 4 *Devil* .. verrry excited .. if you are from Doha : call a friend or anybody u like and  go watch it ;) and if you are from somewhere else just go and enjoy another movie.. see I'm a very good girl who puts plans for your Friday night out ;p

Now .. I wanna share with you guys about a very interesting game where you can play fashion ! I'm sure all of you my fashioners will be the perfect players ;)
let me tell something first , do get this feeling when you get bored from any items in you closet , maybe a bag u feel its very 2001 or seeing a shoes and saying: what I was thinking when I bought it.. Finally you ended by throwing it .. well .. DON'T !!!!
the game I wanna tell you about depends on these items that you don't like it any more or you feel its very boring to wear .. let me tell you how I decided to play this game :)

I have a black shoes that I don't wear it any more .. I felt its very useless and I don't like it now , so I thought what if I play with this shoes in a fashionable way !!! like I won't lose anything so I just wanna try .. and there is also another shoes that I never wear .. it is a Wedges style and whenever I wanna wear it , I feel there is something missing.. so I decided to play with the wedges also! I never try creating something to wear .. and when I saw these two shoes I said Okii girl its the time to re-create something by your own style !!!! woohoo ;)

If you're wondering How and What !! I will show you now~

I bought a small stylish things to put on the shoes , and here you can use your sense of fashion for buying whatever u wanna add for the style of the item you wanna re-create .. just go to the right place where you can find fashionable things .. so as I told u I wanna re-create two shoes coz of this I felt its gonna be very gorgee if I put a small little things on the shoes .. I bought some silver spikes and I found also a blue circle thing I really liked:

Then .. I bought a strong glue .. to plastered them on the shoes!
I recommend you of this glue *mine is finished so I took a pic from google*:

The blue Wedges before starting:


The black shoes:

What do you think fashioners ???

 Okiii I know its not a pro thing , and you will never buy it if you saw it anywhere ;p
  but at least I had fun by doing it .. and this is the main point of the game .. just try and have fun ;)


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fashion illustrations!

Heeey fashioners

   I know it is very late to post, but do you love the moment when you are super excited because tomorrow is Thursday and that means one thing: WEEKEND babyyyyyy !!! uh I neeeed it so bad , all I want for this weekend is to wear the ugliest comfort Pj's , sitting down to watch TV surrounding by all kinds of fats ... yes guys I'm that kind of person ;p

Now.. what about some fashion before sleeping ..sounds fun ;)
Sooooo .. let's talk fashion!

Are you into drawing and painting .. using up ur pencil and paper then starting your imagination! I'm sure your wondering now what is the point of my question .. well tonight I'm speaking fashion in away that is far from buying a trendy heels or holding Gorgee bags..coz I'm talking about FASHION ILLUSTRATIONS!
maybe you don't care about illustrations ! but believe me I'm not talking about Finding Nemo illustration or any other cartoons, coz when it comes to fashion it means Different! seeing the illustrations will explain why its different , but let me tell you first about one of the most creative girl in fashion illustrations world ,  *Hayden Williams* .. they say she's the big next thing in fashion and I don't blame them because the girl is really talented and she can express her fashion sense in a very creative way!

so I wanna share with you some of her fashion illustrations.. just to entertain you before you go to sleep and I'm doing it in a fashionable way ... I knw I knw your welcome ;p

Did you get what I meant by saying different ! I hope you enjoyed it and now you can sleep well .. good night and fashion sweet dreams everyone ;)


Saturday, October 6, 2012

Saturday Thoughts!

Saturdayyy mornee fashioners ;)

   Are you enjoying the morning?? I'm sure your coffee can do the job ;) and what about your weekend.. did you do what you planed for !!

 Oki I should admit, it was not the perfect weekend I dreamed of after an exhausted week , but although things were not that good for me in the past two days, I can say that bad things could happen and it doesn't mean I'm a bad person, no one is perfect and we all do mistakes, keep in mind that life is not perfect also , because we all have these days when you hate yourself because of something stupid happened, because things are not going to be always the way you want, like in a minute you feel good and happy but in the next minute you feel very down , despite all of thatwhat I love the most about all of this is the people who care about me and always try helping me to see the bright side in life .. I'm very lucky to have them in my life, their kindness always help me to go through any bad thing in my life and I believe that nothing evaa in this world is more worth than having them... I'm really glad to love them and to be loved by them.

 I'm writing this post about them not only because I know they are reading now , but also to tell you guys that no matter what happens for you , be sure that there are ppl who always want a smile on your face and always wanna try to make you happy, so be happy with them and keep them in your life.

Stay positive.. and be with the ppl you love.