Saturday, September 15, 2012

Anna Dello Russo for H&M !

Heeey fashioners

  Are you enjoying ur day !! ... if yess , good for yah , but if NO .. Honey go get some chocolate plz!

You will love me for bringing unbelievable news today ! some of you maybe heard it , but because I'm a good girl who cares about the rest who doesn't know ;p you are lucky to hear that :

Anna Dello Russo designing an accessories collection for H&M !!!!

guys focus with me here !! ... the queen of fashion herself  designed for H&M , just stop reading now and imagine her style and how gerouse she is, then you decide how Faaaabbb Faaabbb the collection gonna beee !! seriously I didn't believe it at first , okii I know Versace and Marni did it for H&M but I never thought she will take this step and especially for H&M , don't get me wrong I'm not trying to capture H&M as not high enough , keep on mind I'm a big fan of H&M its one of ma fav shop, but I was really surprised!

Time-out: for those who doesn't know " Anna Dello Russo " : she is the fashion director of Vogue Japan, on the top of the most stylish woman in fashion world , she has a huge role in fashion like what she thinks about any collection or brand is very important.. oki wait I will make it easier! you don't have to know all of this , just understand that she bought extra houses in all over the world to have more spaces for her clothes and heels.. by heels I mean like over 4000 pairs of shoes !!!! Nooo wait please add to this that she is 50 years old !!
I think you know her perfectly now :)

BACK to H&M and ADR's collection .. so the big question here is WHEN ???
Launching the collection will be on th 4th of October 2012 , it will includes:  jewellery, sunglasses, shoes, bags and even trolley bags for traveling .. but the sad thing is I don't know when they will launch it here in the middle east .. maybe in the same time , I'm not sure ! please inform me if you knw ;)
so hold on your breath til the launching day ... wow I'm sooooo excited !!

**let me introduce ADR to you by Pictures:

** What she said about the accessories collection for H&M:

Anna Dello Russo:
“As a stylist I know accessorization is essential: it is the personal touch to any outfit. With these pieces everybody can have fun, turning an ordinary day into a fantastic fashion day”..

now let me show what kind of fun she is talking about .... !!

**ADR accessories collection for H&M:

GooorGeeeSS ... Can't wait !!!! be ready from now to stand up in the line ;)


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