Friday, September 28, 2012

Pointed !!

Happy Friday everyone

How is everything going on , long time no post I know and I feel very guilty about it, I'm being very busy because of my classes schedule, so having a free time for posting is very difficult but don't worry nothing can stop me from doing what I love , even if the price was getting an F ;p okii forget about me now because we need to talk about important things in life !! and what is more sexy and important than SHOES!!

let me tell you something , if you wanna live your life perfectly ! you should believe in TWO THINGS:
1- Chocolate
2- Shoes
if these two are not on the top of your list , I'm sorry to tell you that your not having any fun and you are soo weird in a very very bad way ;p

before I start you should know 3 things:

First: if you were a boy and you're reading the post , let me tell you about something you will never understand how much its important to us as a girls to own it .. and by own it I don't mean only 1 or 2, okii to be honest even not 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ........etc ;p
Second: if you continue reading my post will be more and more confused about how much we lovee shoes and how ready we are to do anything to wear it or have it! actually it is the only thing we don't regret about it at all .. dude we dream about shoes *Heart*
Third: come on Girls , wear your fav shoes NOW and read the post ;p

 Do you know that feeling when your feet extremely hurt and you can't stand more because the shoes is really hurting you , but you don't take it off because its tooooooooo sexxxyy to be just on the shelf , yes we *girls* like this kind of pain , yes we are very sensitive and can't handle tough thingggs ! but when it comes to HEELS , we become wonder women who can fight with a very Sexxy high stylish Heels ;p

This season I fall in love with the Pointed- Toe Shoes, *THEY ARE BACK TO STAGE* very trendy style for this fall , and this is the main point of fashion, like you might be keeping something for years in your closet and suddenly you are free to bring it out again ! in fashion you don't lose anything you bought, you just spend money ;p, now if you have Pointed- Toe shoes please stop reading, go bring it here next to you and then continue reading !

Pointed shoe style are very elegant to wear , they can give a strong statement where ever you go , like if you wear it to work, you will be the powerful woman who can do her job in the right way , and if you wear it to parties or any night out , you will be that sexxy you will get the perfect look for the place you are in by wearing a pointed shoes.

now let me show you what does Pointed Toe shoes mean ;)

*Olivia Palermo* in nude pointed toe shoes by Valentino:

*Kim Kardashian* in a classic black pointed shoe by Casadei:

*Kirsten Bell* in her shoes by Christian Louboutin:

Wear a pointed shoe and enjoy your friday out ;)


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