Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fashion Week !

Hii fashion world,

 How is your day so far ... Mine is full of laziness ! I need more coffee and chocolate *Angel*

 Did you know that the big week gonna start officially tomorrow, all the fashion trends for 2013 are about to blow up .. fashion week will turn on the fashion train by begins with  NYC - then off to London - away to Milan - goes to Paris - Los Angeles then Finally to Tokyo .. who doesn't want to be in all these fashionable countries !!!

The funny thing that fashion week takes place for 9 days !! so its not actually a week .. I don't know why they call it "week" , they should name it fashion for 9 days .. or if it comes to me I will name it : 9 days of the most hottest things we all want ..

the surprising thing here is your money can't buy you a ticket !! yes ladies and gentlemen .. its the only event where your money is not that much for them .. your way to get a ticket is how deep you know any designers like Ralph Lauren should be your friend or Marc Jacob should like you to let you enter his show !! oh yeah very easy thing to talk about like you know all of these are my old friends , just call me if you need a help ;p

can you imagine more than 300 designers presenting their spring 2013 collections at Lincoln Center it is the main place for the whole week, but they also gonna be on Milk Studios and other places around the big apple , can you feel all the fun that's gonna be there ,, morning and nights ,, every moment and every hour .. they will speak fashion and breath fashion .. I can see myself there wearing something crazy but stylish , acting like I know how to rock it every year .. well never know maybe one day me and you ;)

The interesting thing that fashion week is sponsored by Mercedes-Benz , so you won't only see the fashionable brands, but you also gonna enjoy all the luxuries cars by MB. its like being in a Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, what a good combination for mee .. fashion and Benz always ma fav !!

as I'm here writing about NYFW , hoping it's making sense to you guys and in the same time you're reading ma post while we both know we wanna be there and enjoy all the crazy things that gonna be there.. we both will convince each other that we will be having all the joy by visiting:
 Fashion and Style section of The New York Times .. to know all the latest news about  NYFW,  well at least we can do this you know ;p so enjoy it fashion dolls ..

if you didn't get anything from what I wrote , these are some pictures from NYFW some of them from 2012.. see the pictures and you will know what I'm talking about ..

Do you wanna be there ?


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