Sunday, November 11, 2012

Moon Nails !

Hello My Fashioners ;)

 Before anything , guys don't worry I'm still alive !!
like come one didn't you miss me  ;p .. coz I really don't remember when it was the last time for posting , the problem that I'm having a very hard time because of my exams and all the collage horrible things , but when it comes to the thing I LOVE .. I try my best and I have to say that I'm really blessed for having you guys as my best supporters for what I'm doing here, those who always talk to me about my posts are really giving me a very special feeling that the word *LOVE* can not explain it .. soo THANK YOU ALL !
I think I'm being very romantic now and I should stop it ;p

Now .. If you were that girl who is obsessed with Nail's colour and design , I'm sure you gonna love this gossip because I wanna tell you about a very trendy Nails style for this season , where you can see a half moon appearing on your Nails !!! I like the name of the trend .. *half moon* like when you see the moon is appearing with two colours *Blake & White * , so when it comes to your nail a circular moon shape of your nail is painted in a different colour from the rest of the nail
although I'm not a big fan of  french manicure , but I think the half moon style is super cool in a very unique way .. and what's funny is that the half moon style is like the french manicure but from the opposite side .. where you can paint your Nail with one colour and then mix it with another colour to paint the upper part of your nail , so imagine how many colour combinations you can use for this trendy style .. I think it's fun and soo creative in an easily way!

if you didn't get the style I'm talking about .. let me show some pictures to make it clear :

Moon it .. Nail it .. Trend it .. & You Are That Sexxy Chic ;)


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