Saturday, December 15, 2012

Time To Sparkle !

Hello my Shiny fashioners ..

  Today's Story: I have an exam tomorrow but I thought it is NOT healthy for me to study in thisbeautiful weather & that's why you are lucky now because your reading my post ;p 

Sooo .. let's talk music ! I knw i never talked about music before , but I'm being soooooo verrry much obsessed with Rihanna New Song *Shine Bright Like A Diamond*
the lyrics are really capture the heart ! ilove the part when she says:

We Are Beautiful Like Diamonds In The Sky<33333

now , the thing is not only about me having a good taste in music ;p music only is not enough here !! WE NEED FASHION ... !!!

listening to the song made think about fashion in a Diamondyyy and Sparklyy way ;) I'm sure you all gonna love it .. like can you imagine yourself wearing that Shiny dress where all the lights are coming out from your sexy dress .. who on earth won't love this kind of style ! if you were that person I'm sorry to tell you that you need a thereby dude :)

For this season , fashion gave us the green light to Sparkle ourselves from head to toe !!! I love the magic in the Shiny and Sparkle things , like even your casual look can turn into a gorgeeeo style by adding a Sparkly belt or wearing a silver Sparkly and shiny shoes !! Amazing right !! ...
I think it is the perfect time to sparkle .. although personally I don't have to wear something sparkly because I'm sparkle enough ;p but with all the new year celebrations and so on , we need that Sparkly dress ;)

Now .. just play rihanna's song and watch the Sparkly Trendy Style :


Did you feel the song now ;) ....
Sparkle ur style and be that Sparkly Chic !!!


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