Thursday, December 6, 2012

Weekend Looks !

Hello my fashionable fashioners ;)

 How is life and what did you wear today! here in Doha the weather became really amzaing , okii its not too cold for you to wear a huge heavy jacket , but you don't have to open the AC , although I'm a person who always opens the AC !! ithink even if I lived in the Eskimo , I will open the AC ;p
 .. uh I hate sometimes when I wanna talk about something spacefic in my mind , but coz I have a big mouth like one word can take me to another thing and yes I forgot what I was going to talk about!! no I'm serious :)

Okkii .. I'm sure all of you have planed to do something for the weekend , and because m plan is to do nothing & just enjoy being lazy , I thought it would be fun to create some looks for those who don't know what to wear for any special event or for a fmaily-friends gathering in this amaaze weather , and if you think there is no point of me doing this , then you got my point doll ;p ..

                                                                  Look #1 :

                                                                Look #2:

                                                                      Look #3:

                                                                      Look #4:

 What do you think !! what is your fav look .. !
Try making one of these looks , then send your pic to me ;p

Enjooy your weekend , be with your special ppl & keep smiling ....


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