Friday, August 17, 2012

Random Thoughts #Fav_ppl !

Morning  beautiful World ..

 Just wanna share with you kind of a sensitive thing that blow up in ma mind , well as you know most of us are having our Vacation now .. happy time I know , but for me I think its kind of a bittersweet situation where you have to say goodbye for ppl you used to chat with every day , ppl you never get rid of having them in yourlife and day , ppl we can talk with whenever we want , ppl you just love to see them all time, we talk to them and do crazy things .. I'm not trying to put you in a dramatic thoughts , but if you really think about it you will relies how lucky you are for having those kinds of ppl .. ma fav ppl are those who can I talk with, even if we don't have a serious thing to chat about , we just talk and talk and talk til we say .. GN !

There is a time when you see things differently, this explains what is happening to me ! because I'm travelling after hours , so being off from ma fav ppl is't really such a good idea! its like going to have fun but in the same time leave all the fun HERE !....... although distance can be good sometimes , but all the missing feelings make it hard !!...

Think about your fav ppl .. be with them .. love them and treat them well .. because oneday you gonna miss them!


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