Sunday, August 5, 2012

Hey guys!

Hey guys.. 

I hope you are enjoying your time and day ....

 I was thinking about what should I write in my first blog post , then I ended by writing whatever stands up in mind , as you can see I'm new here and I just joined blogs world, so forgive me for anything you see and 
say: " Seriously "!!!  I need your patience ;p , yes I'm not that pro in making these kinds of things especially that technology does not like me much because during my life I always see us as an enemies :)

well .. blogs always took my attention and if I was on the net , probably I will be reading other ppl blogs and especially those who includes everything about fashion ! who does not like fashion !! we all do but in different ways.. having my own blog was always in my mind but in the same time I did not know what is the perfect time to start , you know that feeling when you want to do something but for no reason you do not ? I know its kind of silly weirdness -__- and writing the first blog post makes it more weird ;p but as we hear ppl always  say ( better late than never ) !

blogging about my interest will be all around #fashion #food #books #travelling ! so if you are ready to be hungry , to spend your money out , to read more and to dream of being somewhere else .....then you are welcome here ;p


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