Saturday, August 11, 2012

Random Morning Thoughts!

Morning Everyone ...

 The time here now is 5:08 AM , although we begun a new day , but for me its not an official morning yet because call me *Weirdo* but I believe its morning when the sun comes up to the sky and I woke up from sleeping , my situation now is totally the opposite ! I'm staying late til this time although I'm very sleepy, maybe I wanna feel what some ppl feel when they stay up all night and go 2 bed in the morning !

For me ... Sleeping in the morning is really wasting the morning out ! Yes ,, I'm so Into MORNING ..
I love waking up in the morning even @6 AM ONLY and ONLY IF I DON'T HAVE CLASSES!
I do love sleeping , but not as much as I do enjoy my morning coffee with a very mornymood for reading my fav book , and yes guys I imagine myself in a movie or making a morning videoClip ;p

I'm sure some of you hate me now but remember : " Morning People Happier Than Night Owls " LOOL ..

Enjoy being Happy Owls ;p .. I'm going to bed now
don't forget to make your bed in a very comfortable fashionable mood to sleep ;)


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