Friday, August 10, 2012

Colors !

Happy Friday everyone

How is your Friday so far ! ..for me its not my favorite Friday because 2mrw I have exam and I'm sure you all know what does it mean , but taking a break from studying is a good idea especially when my break is about enjoying my time with you guys by posting !

well ... Summer season has already begun , and WHO DOES NOT LOVE SUMMER !
can you imagine the weather here in the middle east can be reached to 50 , believe me just go outside for less than 1 hour and you will get the perfect tan ever , see! we don't have to bother ourself with tanning oils or cream because we get it naturally .. Okii I went to far! be careful outHere don't get burned ;p

What I love the most about Summer is Colors !! Yes.. its fun how we can wear flashy colors that make ppl say " OH,, my eyes " because its tooooo flashy! imagine a flashy green T-shirt or a yellow Shoes or even a pinky sunglasses and so on ! its really fun how we can dress up like a tray colors ! loool

So being colorful in summer does not mean you can not be trendy in the same time ! summer fashion is all about colors, for me I enjoy fashion more when its all about showing colors up and down but in a cute way !

If you're wondering now what can put you in the top of summer fashion , let me tell you about the most summer fashion trends that will refresh your summer style and make you feel that you are drinking a cold raspberry and mint Mojito ;) *I need some*

Enjoy wearing all of these in Summer:

*Floral Jeans Trend:

Left: Amanda Seyfried-Right: Lieghton meester *I like both of them*

you can also enjoy wearing Colored Jeans:

*Neon Colors Trend:
                                                   Neon Yellow-Greeny Skirt:

*Maxi Dress Trend:
                                          The One&Only Blake lively in Gray Maxi Dress:

*Printed Dress Trend:

Colorful Blazer Trend:
The gorgeous K.K *Yes I'm a big fan*
Dip Dye Hair Trend:

*Statement Necklace Trend:
                                           Blake lively wearing a beautiful S.N:

fun outfits for Summer !

Get the SummerLook by Adding to your look all of these summer trendy style and enjoy Ur Summer !! don't be afraid dolls and bring out all your sense or fashion , Mix and match .. and rock it out ;)



  1. Dear 5o5a,
    reading the blog made me wana open the drooer, wear light shorts Jeans , loosey yellow shirt, lifting my hair up with an orange sunglasses, and pink slipper ... It's a summer dream lol

    Loving the trends u post and I totally agree with you in each one of them. Although in my opinion you missed one, TURBAN
    Don't you think its became very popular this summer!!

    A crazy thought, I believe the reason that wearing in summer any mix colour together an acceptable fashion style because of summer make us so lazy to be in a very Order and elegance way lol.
    Can we see our self wearing a tight dark green skirt with a gold tight blouse and CL High heels with a sleek hair.. NO DAMN WAY!
    Maybe only the heels I will :P

    At the end, Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it ~

    Thanks 5o5a for ur lovely post.


  2. Hey M.Fashionesta

    Girl you're so good in passing by my blog ;p I really appreciate it and I'm super glad you like it in a way that makes you wanna do something crazy like wearing CL in Summer! lool who wouldn't wear CL summer collection ! did u see the aqua and the yellow one !! doll we should meet to get them ;)

    about the TURBAN , the most sexiest trend in summer !! Oh how come I forgot it .. but I promise you I will give you some details about it soon inshallah ,,

    big Thanks girl for all your opinions and suggestions ..
    such an honor to share fashion gossips with a very lovely Fashionesta ;*

    stay Tuned ;)