Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fashion icon!

Hello everyone ..

If you knew me , for sure u'll  know that I'm a huge fan of " Blake lively " ,, if she is not familiar to you , she is "  Serena Ven der Woodsen "  from gossip girl ! the popular show that took every girl's heart .. uhh does it make you wanna cry  when your watching GG because all of the clothes , shoes , bags and even the decorations!  

For me , my favorite character from GG is Serena or blake lively in reality , designers likes her , you can see Blake in every fashion event , she was the face of Chanel's bags and recently she became the face of Gucci's new fragrance !

Blake lively Ads for Chanel bags!

Who can forget the amazing White Chanel dress that Blake lively wore in "The Green Lanteren Premiere"

 *Blake lively in Gucci's New Fragrance Camping*

 The most interesting thing that she is Christian louboutin's favorite girl , come one guys believe me , the master of red soles designed a special shoe named " Blake " and it was inspired by blake lively and just for her! can you imagine how many pairs of CL's shoes does she have? oh yah Iknw ur feeling ;p well I think all of these evidences are enough to say that blake lively is really a fashion icon !

*The Blake shoe by CL*

ppl in Hollywood says that blake lively is the new Sara jessica Parker , well I agree but not to much, although  NoOne knows how to hits the Red Carpet Prettier than Blake and Sarah but I think the different about blake lively is when you see her you think that she took from her closet anything she want without putting someone to dress her up ! for me this what makes her different from any other star , she is really Amazing!

*Left: Blake lively - Right: Sarah Jessica Parker*

What do think ? tell me who is your fashion icon star :)


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