Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hard Shape !

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Being a woman means you can't imagine your life without your bag, we are so linked together!  you never see a woman without her bag unless she is walking with a very very rare gentleman who holds her bag ;p well to be honest I saw sometimes these kinds of couples where the man holds his girl's bag , OK cute thing but I don't prefer it ! however this is not the issue now,

bags can say a lot about your style and even your persona because its gives you the final look of your outfit , although lots of ppl say any bag can do the job , I totally disagree ! there are lots of time where I changed what I'm wearing because it does not match with the bag I wanna hold ! maybe its not for all of us but this is the way how it works with me :)

 The reason why I'm talking about bags , I don't know if you noticed recently how bags became in a new shape , I mean how hard it's become, the shape of the bag , like it is kind of a strong heavy shape,  these kinds of bags are inspired by the old vintage luggage looks by different brands and its very trendy for 
Fall-Winter 2012/2013

Now enough Talking , let's see some gorgeous bags *HardBags*:

 Louis Vuitton F/W ’12

These bags were inspired by the old vintage luggage looks:

Hermes was another brand that brought out the new hard style for bags, its not as Louis Vuitton's way but in general they highlighted on the same trendy shape:

Hermes Fall-Winter 2012/2013

also one of the Hard bags style , you will be seeing is the " Hermes Drag Up"  back to 1964 model that’s making a comeback after 48 years! wow interesting .. and it is said that it was inspired by an English horse-drawn coach but please can anyone tell me what is the relation between the bag and a horse-drawn coach !!

Hard bags shape are becoming trendy in fashion's world , be ready dolls no more lightweight bags ! 
the New Vintage will take place everywhere in a heavyweight...


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  1. Dear 5o5a..
    Reading your blog made me hungry...
    Hungry for fashion and shopping yuuuumy~

    Fashion r never silly, so whatever u write it will be Style!
    I read some said " We live not according to reason, but according to fashion"

    Coming back to BAGs <3<3

    It is the unseen, unforgettable, ultimate accessory of fashion that heralds your arrival and prolongs your departure.

    Amazing Collections, especially the Orange from LV,,
    I hate everything weird but in bags and shoes more weirdoo for me mean more style for me.. You know me :p

    love your post, FAV!