Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Up Side Down !!

Hey guys..

What are you planning to wear today !

Fashion dolls, I have an Up side Down Trendy news !

NoOne knows what fashion can bring ! for one season its trendy to wear or hold something and for another Season that something might be a fashion victim ,, if you go anywhere you won't find any rules that can be changed , except in FASHION .. we CAN always change rules in a very classy and modern way but sometimes in a *Are you serious* way !

Do you remember when we used to wear skirts over pants ! it was known as the 90's style , I definitely wore it but absolutely don't want to wear it again ! the problem is you never know when it comes to FASHION ..things always change!  now a serious question to ask :

Do you wear skirts over your dresses ????

Big question mark on your face now right? , no blaming because it seems puzzling but dolls you can put your skirts over your dresses this Season! do know those days when you wanna wear your funky skirt , in the same time you wanna wear your classy dress , and you ended by choosing one of them only ! This situation is no more a problem !!!
just wear your dress first then put over your skirt and you're ready to go.

It is a new styling techniques , this what makes FASHION fun all time ! because its always about wearing things you never thought about.. but for me , I didn't like the skirts over dresses thing  , although its not an awful trend IF AND ONLY IF YOU WEAR IT IN THE RIGHT WAY , but I prefer saving ma skirt for another day and gonna wear ma dress all alone !!

Will leave you with some pictures:

*Blake lively -

*Karolina Kurkova:

*Diane Kruger

So what are your thoughts? is it a fashionable new way to mix!

Are we going to have skirt over dress over pants next !!.. be careful fashion dolls ;)


1 comment:

  1. Dear 5o5a,
    No serious, are u serious!!!!

    I thought skirt over anything "unless it was a tite" a fashion that died since 1993.
    I still don't know realy what to think about it, but my first impresion what NO WAY lol, but as u said this in the fashion and style world rules can and should be change immediately. So I will not be seprised if I saw myself wear this fashion anytime soon :p

    Let me see if I realy understand this fashion:
    Imagine mmmm... Afternoon, purple upto knee dress, with a short yellow printed skirt with a belt, white sandals with clutch. Mmmmm
    No I still didn't get it and convince about it know lol

    Let wait for (anytime soon) then I will decide.

    I noticed that this look mix two thing together the elegance coming from the dress and steer look coming form the skirt.

    Bounce for u 5o5a, this is the first time I hear about this style coz ur blog.

    Thanks for the style.